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Special Projects

Special projects

It’s not enough to just keep your facility clean daily. Often you have specific areas that require special attention and BCJ can provide custom services to keep your operation running smoothly. Whether your floors need special care such as tile/grout cleaning or carpet cleaning or whether your exterior windows need to be sparkly clean, our team members will handle all your projects ensuring each job is done right and completed on time.

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"It is rare to have a vendor partnership that not only delivers on your expectations but also aligns with your brand's standard. Over the past 8yrs, BCJ has forged an indelible relationship with the management team as well as the tenant and guest community. Their commitment to their employees is evidenced by their low turnover; many employees who opened the property are still here with us today. Commendably, BCJ's CARE also extends beyond the call of duty; hosting school supply drives, employee celebrations, and helping employees through challenging times in their lives.  They also recognize that the growth and development of their internal leaders is key to the execution of a successful partner program. Our team leaders have been a stalwart supporter of our standards of excellence and ensures they are upheld each and every day. "

Aniela Respress

North American Properties

"BCJ has been a tremendous asset to our brand-new, high-rise buildings. An extension to our on-site teams! They are always there if our teams need anything, have questions or concerns, and are happy to assist us if we are ever in a pinch and need to get something taken care of quickly. We appreciate our partnership and look forward to adding them to more assets within our growing portfolio. "

Summer Waters


"The entire onboarding process of BCJ was a breeze. I have worked with many building service companies, but BCJ really made us feel like we were their only customers throughout the ramping up of our 75,000-sf warehouse. From the negotiation process, the cleanings before our space really opened up, the official launch of operations and the changes to our scope of work, the BCJ team really handled everything better than can be expected. Invoicing, billing and ordering of products have all been handled expeditiously and with zero interruption. Having a workplace that provides so many amenities to our employees, (and thus so many opportunities to make a mess) we have been impressed with how clean it has remained and how our dynamic needs have been met. I look forward to continuing our partnership and could not recommend BCJ in the Nashville area enough.  "

Alan Fioravanti


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